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since 1991

Our flexibility and support make us a reliable partner for your extrusion needs.

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Custom PVC

Complex projects that meet the specific needs of our customers.

Since the realization of your project goes through our team of highly qualified professionals, we can ensure a unique design.

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Secondary level processing
Added value to your products

Drilling - Punching - Marking - Machining - Precision cutting - bending - Embossing - Screwing - Assembly - Texturing - Laminating - Laser printing - Custom packaging

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  • Optimization of tools and working methods minimizing material losses.
  • Recovery of PVC waste.
  • Custom made with a recycled PVC blend.

Without compromising on the quality and durability of PVC products, our customers benefit from substantial savings.

240 000 kg of PVC
(528 000 lbs/year)

are recovered from production at Quadra Plast.

More than
500 000 kg of PVC
(1.25 M lbs/year)

are purchased from Quebec recyclers.

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Team up with us

In a company with family values with a friendly working environment. At Quadra Plast, you will be well supported in order to benefit from a career plan that meets your expectations