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since 1991

Our customers benefit from our flexibility of approach and our commitment to accompany stakeholders throughout the product development process until production. We are your partner.

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Custom PVC

We are experts in carrying out complex projects that meet the needs of our customers.

Our team of experts have many years of experience and are highly qualified. From the simplest to the most complex profiles, we master the process from design to production.

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Secondary level processing
Added value to your products

Drilling - Punching - Marking - Machining - Precision cutting - bending - Embossing - Screwing - Assembly - Texturing - Laminating - Laser printing - Custom packaging

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We optimize the tools and our working methods to maximize the consumption of raw materials and minimize rejects.

· We recover 100% of the rejects and then recycle it.

· We use 100% recycled material for manufacturing.

PVC is a 100% recyclable material. This material offers the same physical properties as virgin material to be used in the manufacture of specific products that offer substantial savings.
240 000 kg of PVC
(528 000 lbs/year)

are recovered from production at Quadra Plast.

More than
500 000 kg of PVC
(1.25 M lbs/year)

are purchased from Quebec recyclers.

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Team up with us

Join a company with family like value and a friendly working environment. At Quadra Plast, we will support and train you for a career plan that meets yours expectations.