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QUADRA PLAST has developed an expertise in several industry sectors over the years.

The experience gained over more than 30 years in traditional industries allows us to explore new industries and new products.



The importance given to local supply on an annual basis, greenhouse farming is taking on a great deal of importance in order to offer fresher and tastier food.

Thus, a new market is opening up for PVC profiles to irrigate these crops and ensure good heat distribution through greenhouses.

Fences and noise barriers

Fences and noise barriers

Residential development and urban growth projects favor smaller lots and increase the proximity of residences;

  • Fences and privacy walls become a means of preserving privacy
  • Noise barriers are in high demand to ensure a quality of life close to expressways and rail transport services.
QUADRA PLAST has developed specific expertise in the development of these products.

Doors & Windows

Doors & Windows

The doors and windows market is a traditional market for QUADRAPLAST. We continue to innovate in order to offer high-performance elements that meet and exceed the standards in force. Flexible PVC profiles, frames for door side panels, high performance gaskets and thermal breaks are elements that set us apart from the competition.

Formwork profiles

Formwork profiles

Concrete structure formwork is becoming more and more specialized.

Significant savings can now be achieved by using reusable PVC profiles to produce cover joints, drip groove, cast concrete columns with chamfered corners, rounded balconies to avoid using non-salvageable wood materials unlike PVC which can be recycled.

Profiles for boat and dock

Profiles for boat and dock

Boats are increasingly present on our lakes and rivers. Marina infrastructures must offer adequate protection in order to preserve the hulls of the boats.

Our flexible and semi-rigid PVC profiles are designed to absorb shocks without damaging boat paint.

Weather stripping and thermal barrier

Weather stripping and thermal barrier

Saving energy means sealing our homes, our doors and windows and the moving parts of our commercial facilities.

Our weatherstripping and thermal barriers are highly effective. 

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Recipe adapted to the project
Recipe according to customer requirements
Different finishes available
Virgin powder
PVC pellets
Flexible PVC


We optimize the tools and our working methods to maximize the consumption of raw materials and minimize rejects.

· We recover 100% of the rejects and then recycle it.

· We use 100% recycled material for manufacturing.

PVC is a 100% recyclable material. This material offers the same physical properties as virgin material to be used in the manufacture of specific products that offer substantial savings.
240 000 kg of PVC
(528 000 lbs/year)

are recovered from production at Quadra Plast.

More than
500 000 kg of PVC
(1.25 M lbs/year)

are purchased from Quebec recyclers.

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