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The extrusion process is what gives the product its physical form.

On the other hand, many operations may be necessary later in order to complete the development of the project.

At QUADRA PLAST, we are able to offer the machining options required to meet your needs.

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Analysis - Evaluation - Drawing - Ready for you


Recipe adapted to the project
Recipe according to customer requirements
Different finishes available
Virgin powder
PVC pellets
Flexible PVC


  • Optimization of tools and working methods minimizing material losses.
  • Recovery of PVC waste.
  • Custom made with a recycled PVC blend.

Without compromising on the quality and durability of PVC products, our customers benefit from substantial savings.

240 000 kg of PVC
(528 000 lbs/year)

are recovered from production at Quadra Plast.

More than
500 000 kg of PVC
(1.25 M lbs/year)

are purchased from Quebec recyclers.

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